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Clas Of Clans Latest Update - Air Sweeper Defence

The update is finally out in May for Clash of Clans! It reveals new applications for the game including a surprising new air defense unit and an ability to change name! another game released by supercell, Clash royale. if you need gems and gold for your clash royale account, this article : how to get free gems and gold in clash royale will be helpful.

 In attack, it will take the blow from behind so as not to find themselves idle. The latter can not repel enemies pile on top of her, she is vulnerable by his blind spot, even balloons. If your units are trapped in its range, all is not finished! You can still use a lot of rage to boost slow moving units like balloons or lava hounds. If this is not satisfactory, you can use two potions Level 4 lightning to destroy the "Air sweeper" (3 potions 3 minimum level when this defense is at 6).

ScopeTime between attacksDamage TypeTarget (Target preferred)Building Size
1-15 boxes5 secondsno (breath only)Airline (All)2 × 2 squares

In defense, trying to shield the dead angle of your wind generator to protect it and force the enemies to pass in its range.

This building is available at level 6 of your town hall and limited to one copy. Increase the level of the new building defensive push back further blown units. The different evolutions appearance are shown below:

Finally, here is a brief summary of the sums invested for the improvements, the waiting time for each investment and profits from the previous level:

LevelThe breathLife PointsCostConstruction timeExperience gainedTown Hall (level required)
11.6 boxes750500,0001 day2936
22.0 boxes800750,0003 days5096
32.4 boxes85012500005 days6577
42.8 boxes90024000007 days7778
53.2 boxes95048000008 days8319
63.6 boxes1,00072000009 days88110

Other new features are appearing in Clash of Clans with this update and the interface is improved. First remember, when you connect a tip of sentences said that you could not rename yourself (your name being the same as your village), otherwise the people can no longer live where. This is now done! You can now conduct a name change and rebrand you how you please. Caution, however, this practice is for single use: your new name will be permanent (available from level 5 of the town hall!).

The changes of the parameters of the clan and their author will now be listed in the clan chat. Defensive buildings under construction now display their scope and modes of operation of these may be modified during this period.

A new preview window attack in the war of clans also arriving. You can check before each clan war in attack your army composition with an overview of it. All missing units will be displayed in red (spells, heroes, troops and clan castle). Besides, you can now end a clan war attack without capitulating.

Finally, among the functional enhancements in the game, the attacking troops will no longer pursue the defensive troops as far away as before. Finally, a resolution of a rarely seen but nevertheless this problem which led a defensive unit to target a building in extreme end of range but without undergoing the shot was introduced.

These new improvements will therefore be able to assist the players in clans of war preparations in order to maximize their attacks. Nevertheless, this new anti-aircraft unit she will blow up the current gameplay consists of massive air attacks? At your villages!

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